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Primary Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

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Facelift and Necklift

Full Facial Rejuvenation

Number 1 Plastic Surgery Center!!
– San Diego, CA

Carmel Valley Facial Plastic surgery is by far the best! Dr.Karam is very professional and knows what he’s doing. His staff is also very comforting and kind which is such a breathe of fresh air. My brother and I both got rhinoplasty with Dr.Karam and before we stopped by his office, we went to at least 10 different plastic surgeons and as soon as we made an appointment with this team we knew they were the obvious choice. We’re both beyond thankful for choosing Dr.Karam as our surgeon because he has such an exceptional eye for what will fit your face and bring out your features. They will work with everyone and are not like the other plastic surgeons that just say what you want to hear instead, he gives it to you straight with his expert opinion. Getting surgery or anything done is a big deal and they made it go so smooth, fast, and to top it off after our surgery they sent us two bouquets of flowers and chocolate to our house which was so unexpected and truly shows you how different they are and how much they truly care for their patients. I can’t say it enough, if you’re trying to get anything done on your face be smart and go with Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery . They never disappoint and we’ve been to so many different doctors and no one compares to Dr.Karam and his amazing staff!

March 27th 2017

So Scared to Do a Subtle Change but It Was Awesome
– San Diego, CA

I had a mini face lift & fat transfer 2 years ago with this physician. Some of the fat seemed to be disappearing (or more old age setting in–I am 54) so I went in for a consult and briefly discussed my nose. I do not have a large nose but I had a bony prominence that really bothered me. I decided after several appointments to have the procedure along with another fat transfer.

This physician really listened to me about how little I wanted changed–millimeters. I didn’t want anyone to notice that I had a nose job. He suggested a widening below the bony prominence which I was hesitant about. I’m so happy with the results!!! I cannot emphasize enough how subtle a change I wanted and how perfect it turned out. I told my social group I was having a deviated septum repaired (which he also did to help me breath better-nice that he is an ENT also) but I don’t think most people noticed. (And I do breath better!) I had a few customers ask me what was different — part of it was the fat transfer but even my own mother did not notice the change in my nose. I am so happy with the results. I have a softer appearance.

I cannot say enough about how this physician listens and his skill in delivering just what you want. He offers suggestions but ultimately he follows the direction of the patient. In my job, I call on plastic surgeons and I had one inject botox. Even though I told him to avoid injecting in certain areas, he did not listen and I had droopy eye lids. Afterward I went in to see if anything could be done he said I needed a brow lift. I went back to my original surgeon and he told me that a brow lift can really change the way you look and to wait until the botox wore off before deciding on any surgical intervention. I’m so glad I listened to him.

My advice to anyone considering surgery is to make sure you can see before and after pictures. Had I not seen his work I would never have considered plastic surgery. Do not go with the surgeon who does not provide before and after pictures with an appeal of privacy. You need to see results showing subtle change to major change to judge picking the best surgeon. I wholeheartedly endorse this physician. Although I do not let him use my pictures in his advertisement or book, I do let him show my pictures privately to show his amazing subtle results.

Posted 15 April 2011 on RealSelf.com

Refreshed and Happy – Carmel Valley, CA

I had the upper eyelid surgery, fat injections and juvederm/botox. My experience was outstanding. Little to no pain. Outside of about 9-10 days of not looking great, the work that Dr. K did was just the right amount. Literally 6 weeks later I had no regrets and would do it again. I will continue to consult with Dr. K about future procedures when it makes sense and is needed. I have a high degree of trust in his expertise and judgement for the right amount of things that needs to be done.

Posted 26 Dec 2010 on RealSelf.com

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Best Fat Transfer – San Diego

Dr. K and his staff are so amazing! They are so professional, caring and friendly. The one thing that really impressed me(although there were so many), the night before my procedure, Dr. K called me to see if I was ready and how I was doing. This shows how much he cares for each individual patient. Dr. K and his entire staff always took their time to answer all my questions and always made me feel comfortable.

My procedure was quick and the pain and discomfort were minimal. I liked the fact that the procedure took place in his office. I felt fine after. I did have some bruising and many shades of yellow and green, but it went away after a week.

I would highly recommend Dr. K to anyone who is thinking about plastic surgery. I wouldn’t even get a second opinion, he is the best! This whole thing was a great experience and I am so glad I did it, and would do it again.

Posted 8 Sep 2010 on RealSelf.com
Amazed and Thrilled with my Facelift, Upper and Lower Eyelids,
Fat Transfer and Chemical Peel

Had a facelift, upper and lower eyelids, fat transfer and chemical peel. I am 1 month post op and the results are unbelievable.

I am 50 and basically spent every day of my life outdoors. Many wrinkles, sagging skin and discoloration. I can’t even put into yrs what this has done for my looks.

I gave myself the full month to recover and I feel great. There weren’t any cons. The doctor was honest about the recovery. Very little pain only took tylenol pm. Alot of swelling and bruising but now all bruising is gone and minimal swelling. My facelift scars are so faint and my eyelid scars are healing well and hidden. I really never expected these dramatically positive results.

Posted 13 Feb 2011 on RealSelf.com

Blepharoplasty & Peri-orbital Fat Transfer: I Love my New Look!

I had both a Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) & a peri-orbital fat transfer (transfer of my own body fat to the eye area). I had no idea how much of a difference it would make while being subtle enough that I don’t have the “overly-tightened” look that I have seen on women who’ve had similar procedures.

Posted 14 Feb 2010 on RealSelf.com

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Full Face Fat Transfer

I love the final results on my full face fat transfer. I am 35 yrs old & had some loss of volume in my cheeks & under my eyes. Also, I had a weak jaw line & chin.

My cheeks are raised, I have a chin & a jaw line now without having to have any implants or liposuction. It took about a month for all the swelling to go down & settle into place. Was totally worth it.

Posted 14 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com
Mini Facelift & Full Face Fat Transfer – I Look So Much Better
After a Few Procedures!!!

I had a mini facelift and a full face fat transfer because I was looking too old and thin. It was so successful, and I was hardly bruised for any length of time. The doctors recommendation of vitamins and minerals really did the trick. I would highly recommend these procedures to anyone.

Updated on 12 Feb 2011: I still look pretty good after one and a half years!!!!!

Posted 12 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Fat Transfer for my Eyes Made Me 10 Years Younger

I had under my eyes puffiness and i looked always tiered and old. i did it because i knew that this surgury helps me to look much better for many years. and i am more self confidence.

Posted 10 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Fat Transfer – San Diego Carmel Valley, CA

With my wedding just eight weeks away, I was so upset about the huge bags underneath my eyes. Fillers were making the problem worse, not correcting it.

Dr K performed a miracle! Everyone is saying how I am just glowing with happiness about my upcoming wedding…and I am!

Posted 1 Aug 2011 on RealSelf.com

Face & Neck Lift & Fat Transfers – San Diego, CA

I had a face lift, fat transfers and neck lift and I am extremely pleased. I look exactly like myself but much younger and my skin is smooth and firm. Everyone who sees me says, Wow, you look great and beautiful.

The results are fantastic.

Dr. K took as much time as I needed from him to explain the procedures and what would be best for me. He is professional and an excellent plastic surgeon. I recommend Dr. K and have the highest regard for him and his office staff. He is professional, caring and I knew from our conversations that he would give me the face lift that benefited my facial structure instead of feeling as though he did each surgery the same and I was just another patient. That is not the case at all. He tailored my surgery specifically to what I needed.

Posted 28 May 2011 on RealSelf.com
Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery
Reno Mahe


5/5 stars

I was very happy with the work I had done by Dr. K. He is young and fresh, yet had the experience to give you confidence. I like that his approach is to go as natural as possible. His work is did amazing things for me, I highly recommend him.

Overall, Pleased with Results from Fat Transfer, Revision
Rhinoplasty & Lateral Brow Lift – San Diego, CA

Overall, I am quite pleased with my results from the procedures I had with Dr. K, and as many reviewers say, the results are very natural.

I originally had a full face fat transfer done (about $6K) and several months later I had a revision rhinoplasty and lateral brow lift done (around $12K). The full face fat transfer was done to restore lost volume (in cheeks, temples, chin), as well as to try to fill in a number of acne scars I had, particularly on my cheeks.

I had already had a number of procedures done to try to correct the acne scars on my cheeks over the years, and I have to say that this definitely gave me the best results (somewhere between 50-70% improvement). The scars are still there, as I don’t think there is anything that will completely take them away, but honestly, most people don’t even notice them anymore.

The revision rhinoplasty is still healing so it’s hard to say how pleased I am ultimately going to be with the results, although the results so far are quite good. The lateral brow lift is good, but I do wish the brows had stayed as lifted as they were when they were first done. It’s still an improvement, but it’s not as dramatic of a change as I would have liked.

I do like the fact that there are no visible scars at all from any of the procedures. The one thing I will say is that even though my husband and I feel that the results are pretty noticeble, overall, most people didn’t notice, or if they did, they didn’t say anything. This reminds me of one of the sayings you hear about cosmetic surgery, which is to make sure you are only doing it for yourself!

I was also very pleased that they utilized a number of homeopathic remedies and supplements pre and post op, which I know resulted in me having such a speedy recovery with minimal bruising – although I will say that having two procedures done at the same time (revision rhinoplasty and brow lift) is a lot, and more difficult than I anticipated, and I would certainly not recommend doing more than 2 procedures at once.

Posted 11 Jun 2011 on RealSelf.com

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Doctor Karam,

Thank you for sending the pictures. I see a definite improvement since the pre-op pictures! I appreciate your work and how well the procedure went. You are the only doctor I would contact if I ever needed anything else done. Your staff was great and the entire procedure went very smoothly. We do hope to be back in Southern California at some point.

Thanks again,

Fat Transfer Patient and Eyelid Rejuvenation Patient

Amir Karam — A Physician, Maybe a Magician?!

Would you go to a podiatrist if your knee required surgery? My decision to select Dr. Karam was truly based on his specialization and technique of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. He is a leader in his industry, he has an impressive background, and he is widely published in the expertise of facial and reconstructive surgery. What spoke most loudly to me was his ability to consult with a realistic approach on how to achieve the best results for me. I believe Dr. Karam’s precision and expertise re-defines the term “rejuvenation.” No one wants “that look,” most of all, Dr. Karam. The recovery downtime and discomfort was minimal. His office staff is awesome sophisticated, professional and discrete. Dr. Karam applied his personal attention and availability both before and after my procedure, and ultimately my results were clearly none that draw stares, only smiles.”

Jennifer ?M. – Feb 21, 2010

Gold Standard – Hands down

I will absolutely never trust my face to anyone other than Dr. Karam. Hands down. I began seeing Dr. Karam last year, at which time he performed surgery on my upper eyelids, as well as a fat transfer under my eyes and into my cheek area in order to freshen and rejuvenate. The results are truly astounding. Before I had this done, at age 40 most people guessed my age at late 30s. After Dr. Karams work – I am consistently guessed to be in my very early 30s. The work is so natural & fresh, that even when I share what I have had done – friends cant detect a thing….regardless of how long they stare! As a result – I sent both my parents to him for facelifts, fat trans, upper eyelids….they are THRILLED with the results, and both look a good 10-12 years younger. No joke. I am fortunate to be able to see any surgeon of my choosing – and Dr. Karam is the absolute Gold Standard to whom other physicians should aspire. I am so stoked to have found him!! Who says you have to grow old gracefully? 😉

Jan 7, 2010

Plastic Surgery without a hitch

I had facial plastic surgery with Dr Karam, including fat transfers, upper and lower eyelid surgeries, and a lift. I did not go under general anesthesia, it took about three hours, and it did not hurt! In two weeks I looked fine, in a month I looked great. In six months there is no evidence of any previous surgery and I look remarkably younger, healthier and all around improved. Nobody knows I did it except my friends, it looks like I lost about ten years. People comment on how good I look, but it looks like I am well rested and happy, not pulled. This is a wonderful doctor who is compassionate and honest, his wife (also a doctor) who works with him, who is kind, smart and caring, and a fantastic and competent staff who listen and respond to their patients. They are like a family business. I feel that they are always there for me and my family. If you have been waiting to have a facelift but were too afraid, talk to Dr Karam and his wonderful team. They will give you a straight answer. You’ll be happy you did.

susan – Jan 7, 2010

Top marks in education, years of experience,

and multiple books/publications, along with high recommendations from patients set Dr. Karam in a class of his own. Top this off with his superior team. Pre-op they take time to answer questions, walk you through the procedure, and offer support where needed. There is no rush to make a decision and the focus is completely on the customer. Post op they call periodically to check in and can be reached at any time. Even got a personal call from Dr. Karim after 9pm just to ensure I was doing ok. In the months following they continue to keep communication open and want you to come back just to visit and see the progress. Overall I have never had a more knowledgeable, courteous, and caring doctor/team. Thanks.

-Matthew – Jul 12, 2011

Amazing Results – San Diego, CA

My experince was truly amazing and I am so happy with my results! My nose looks extremely natural and I look and feel beautiful!

Dr. Karam and his staff are wonderful! Dr. Karam is so skilled at what he does. He is very talented and my results are amazing! He is very professional, honest, caring, and most importantly board certified. His staff is very friendly and inviting. My overall Rhinoplasty experience was amazing and my results are incredible! I am so happy I chose Dr. Karam to do my surgery. I felt completeley safe in his hands. If you want a Dr. who gives you amazing and natural results then Dr. Karam is the way to go!

Posted 9 Aug 2011 on RealSelf.com

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

When I first learned about the option to have a higher bridge on my nose without surgery I was very skeptical. After several hours of research and weeks of discussing the risks with practitioners, I found Dr. Karam came with the highest recommendations. I spoke with assistants several times and they were very patient with me, answering all of my questions and telling me exactly what to expect during my appointment. The entire procedure took less that 15 minutes and the results were better than I could have expected. Since Dr. Karam is also a rhinoplasty surgeon, he is skilled in knowing what looks natural and what is over the top. Its been a few months and I am still thrilled with the results. Because it lasts about 1 year, I know that when I want to do this again Dr. Karam is the only person I would trust to go to. Thanks to Dr. Karam and your team!

Michelle – Feb 4, 2010

Successful Rhinoplasty

Ok, so all of the other reviews sounds like they went through marketing consultants. Here’s my review, which is highly positive, but based on explicit reasoning and logic. Situation: had to get deviated septum corrected due to repeat infections as diagnosed by my ENT. My nose did not conform to general ideals of beauty because: 1) there was a slight break on the ridge, and 2) a hook. My nose was the only feature which was not attractive by objective standards. Given the fact that I had to go under the knife anyway, it just made sense to opt for cosmetic procedures. Decided not to go for an ENT because they usually don’t have the experience, education, or aesthetics in rhinoplasty of a proper plastic surgeon. Review of Dr. Karam and Office: Aesthetics emphasize naturalness, which is what you need for someone working on your nose (or face at all for that matter). Only people who I knew prior to the surgery can tell I’ve had something done. He has a well-designed office with very pleasant (and hot) staff. Ultimately, what you care about is the final result not the office, though the atmosphere makes the whole process more comfortable. Why I Chose Dr. Karam: When you choose an older surgeon, you get a lot of experience. When you choose a younger surgeon, you get someone who knows the latest techniques and methods in their discipline. So I tried to find a surgeon who was younger, preferably publishing (which means he’s keeping up with the latest in the field), but had a couple of years of experience. Latest techniques often mean less scaring (in my case, I have none) and better recovery. Dr. Karam fit the bill. Not sure if the surgeon calculus would be the same for procedures other than Rhinoplasty. Cost: Upper-mid range. He’s basically a young elite plastic surgeon, so the price might go up as he gets older. My opinion is that with other parts of the body, it might be ok to opt for a less expensive surgeon. But with the face you really ought to go for the highest quality available because it’s going to be marginally different (probably in the range of (10%-40% variation between surgeons’ costs) and it’s something you have to look at every day in the mirror for the rest of your life. Just my thoughts.

Alex – Feb 11, 2010

Elective Surgery with confidence

I went to an event where I picked up a pamphlet on Dr. Karam. The timing was perfect. I had been thinking for a few years that I needed to get my breathing problem corrected and thought I might as well remove the bump in my nose at the same time. When I read the information on Dr. Karam, I immediately called the office to set up an appointment for a consultation. This was totally out of character for me because I would normally not consider any physician for elective surgery with out numerous referrals from friends. I felt totally confident after meeting Dr. Karam and his staff that they would be able to meet my needs. They are attentive, friendly,and professional. I never had a long wait to see the doctor in the office. I was convinced that Dr. Karam would be able to create the natural look I wanted. I was very specific that I wanted to look better, but not different. The true test of the results was that I did not tell my mother that I was having surgery. She saw me two weeks after the procedure and she did not even notice that I’d had a rhinoplasty…..my own mother could not tell. That is a statement about how talented a surgeon Dr. Karam is. I highly recommend him.

Julie – Jan 8, 2010

I am still getting sooo many compliments on my nose. I was just remembering you, because I went to go visit my mom and her neighbor who has known me since I was 11 told me how nice I look and how he was impressed that by just changing the nose has changed so much of my facial features. Thank You again so much! Take Care!

B. Monroy Rhinoplasty

I had my Rhinoplasty 12 years ago. I wasn’t pleased with the results. Being busy with school and work stopped me from getting a revision sooner. Recently, I was read to have that revision. I was a little scared and skeptical about going through another surgery. My first one was not a pleasant one. I then went to see Dr. Karam. In my first meeting, Dr. Karam and his staff made me feel at ease. Dr. Karam’s main goal was to reshape my nose as naturally as possible. I was thrilled and happy that I finally met a doctor who was honest and trustworthy. My recover was much different from my first surgery. It was quick with very minimal bruises. I was so pleased with the results. I just believe that Dr. Karam has magic hands. He’s not only an outstanding facial plastic surgeon but an artist as well. His staff was very professional and knowledgeable. They were very sweet and caring. Thank you again Dr. Karam and staff. You are the BEST!

Sonya E- Revision Rhinoplasty Patient

Dr. Karam is one of the most gifted surgeons I have ever met.

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Karam 3 years ago while working in the medical esthetician field. He had one of the most impressive bedside manners, and incredible before and after pictures. After briefly speaking with Dr. Karam I knew he was the one. My Rhinoplasty was such a great experience. For me minimal bruising minimal swelling and after a week things looked perfect. He truly has a gift and I am so fortunate to have met him.

Brianne – Sep 21, 2009

Excellent Cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Karam is a skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in San Diego California with a distinguished academic and surgical record. Known for his honesty, compassion and warm demeanor as his naturally enhancing results, Dr. Karam is respected by his peers for his professional integrity, innovative contributions, artistry and excellent technique. Known as the “doctor’s doctor,” Dr. Karam is often paid the ultimate compliment; he is asked to perform surgery on his fellow physicians and their families.

Ryan – Feb 7, 2009

Top Quality Care and Results

My experience was a wonderful one. I always suffered from inheriting an italian nose, that was oversized for my face. I went to consultations with many doctors and found that Dr. K’s consult was beyond any of those other consultation experiences. He made me feel very comfortable and made sure I understood every part to the rhinoplasty process. I feel that this office is exceptional when it comes to being personable and truly caring for their patients. They take into consideration each patients wishes and tailor to every need. Thanks to Dr. K and his knowledge I have the nose I have always dreamed of having!

Posted 17 April 2011 on RealSelf.com

So Glad I Finally Did It! – San Diego, CA

After living with a large, crooked, humped nose for 30-some years, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get a nose job. I did tons of research online and chose a few doctors to interview. (Some I chose based on referrals from friends, but most were based on their online before and after pictures.) When I finally consulted with my doctor, I knew right away he was the right surgeon for me. His before and after pictures online had already proved to me that he provided his patients with beautiful, natural-looking results. And he informed me that he only performed facial cosmetic surgery and regularly performed rhinoplasties, which was important to me. (I had met with other doctors that mostly performed boob jobs and the like, and merely dabbled in rhinoplasty, and to me that was a major red flag.) Before the surgery, I discontinued my normal daily multivitamin and began following my doctor’s recommended supplement list. The surgery went off without a hitch. The doctor straightened my septum, made my nostrils more symmetrical (I used to have one large one and one small one), and adjusted the tip. Plus he shaved down that huge hump and broke my nose bones to tilt them inward. Also, because I have incredibly thin skin, he apparently put some sort of tissue over the bones to thicken up the skin so minor imperfections would not become an issue. (He warned me that this would increase the time for the swelling to subside, but we both agreed this was worth it.) I took my pain killers for a couple days and tried to take it easy. I felt considerably better after about four days and completely fine after about a week. When the cast came off one week after surgery, my profile was beautiful, but from the front my nose was quite swollen, which gave it a very wide appearance. This was readily apparent to me and my husband, but my coworkers really didn’t notice. (I went back to work one week after surgery, as soon as the cast came off.) In fact, I got a lot of compliments right from the beginning–but no one could tell I had had my nose operated on! Lots of people asked if I had had my hair cut, or if I was wearing new earrings, (yes to both–two great tips for hiding your surgery) and everyone complimented my appearance, but no one–not even close friends–could put their finger on what had changed! My bruising was completely gone by day 9. I used concealer those first few days back at work to hide it. I am currently about 6 weeks post op, and my nose is still a bit swollen across the bridge. Doc says it might be 6 months or so before that swelling subsides. But I already love the results and am so happy I had the procedure done. I was never really self conscious or down about my nose–but I certainly knew it was my most unattractive feature. Now that my nose is more feminine and natural looking, my other features really pop out more, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my eyes and my skin! I am so pleased now when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror–I finally have the nose I should have been born with.

Posted 4 Jan 2011 on RealSelf.com

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Good Experience with Rhinoplasty for Deviated Septum,
Bent Bridge and Hooked End

I was having repeat sinus infections due to a deviated septum. Since I had to get surgery to fix that anyway, and since my nose did not conform to general ideals of beauty (slight bend in the bridge and hooked end), it just made sense to opt for cosmetic procedures.

It’s unreasonable to expect one procedure to drastically change appearance unless there is a deformity. However, in my case, my nose was the one feature that was distinctly unattractive. The procedure has definitely improved my overall appearance and has had tangible, though not life-changing, effects. The minimal downtime and discomfort (about two weeks of crap in my nose) were definitely worth the outcome. Summary: short-term costs with moderate benefits accrued over the long-term and low risk= high reward to cost ratio.

Posted 11 Feb 2010 on RealSelf.com

Good Experience – Nose Looks More Feminine

I had rhinoplasty surgery. The staff and doctor are extremely service oriented and helpful. The doctor was available to discuss any questions or hesitations I had.

The surgery was very easy. I was amazed that there was really no pain or bruising. After a week, I went to a family event and it was not obvious that I’d had plastic surgury from scars or bruising.

I’m really happy with the outcome of my nose, because it still looks like my nose, but so much nicer and more feminine. I wish I had done this years ago.

I would easily recommend this doctor to others.

Posted 10 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Very Pleased with Revision Rhinoplasty

I would highly recommend this surgeon. He is a fantastic doctor with a very dedicated and friendly staff. The service I received for a revision rhinoplasty was excellent and I am very happy that I chose him to be my surgeon. He even called the night of the procedure to check how I was doing and he gave me his cell number to call him at any time with questions or concerns.

I was also amazed how I didn’t bruise at all and after about a week, it didn’t even look like I had surgery.

I also really like the relaxing atmosphere in this office and it almost fells like you are going to a spa. The facilities where he preforms the surgery is excellent too. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a plastic surgery.

Posted 9 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery and Chemical Peel. Love my New Nose!

I actually had my nose done, my eyelids, the bags removed under my eyes, and a chemical peel. These were items that were bothering me and I felt it was time to take of them. It was the best decision I ever made and I feel and look so much better.

There was no pain involved, just a little pressure from the splint over my nose. That was it!

Highly recommend visiting my plastic surgeon. He and his office are the best!

Posted 8 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

I had a serious facial injury which I received in Iraq. The first surgery was unsuccessful. I had researched and met the top specialist, but it was Dr. Karam who had the foresight and skills to correct my problem. With his skills and strived for new medical innovation, Dr. Karam was able to not only fix a serious medical challenge, but the final outcome was fantastic and better than was expected. I not only have full function again, bit I have no scars or marking of any injury or surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Karam. Not only for his skills, but for his personal focus and devoted support to his patients separate him form the rest of California’s Top Plastic Surgeon’s. I thank you Doc and my family does too!!!

SGT Robert J. Monroe
US Army Special Operations
Rhinoplasty Patient

I had a Rhinoplasty done by Dr. Karam and my results were amazing. I went to many doctors, but I felt the most comfortable with Dr. Karam and his hospitable personality. I loved the staff and am always glad to see their smiling faces. On the day of surgery, I was very nervous, but Dr. Karam and the nursing staff made me relax. Now, every days I look in the mirror and smile at my new appearance. My nose looks so natural and really compliments my face. I notice myself smiling at my “new” face and am so thankful to Dr. Karam for doing the surgery for me! I love my new nose!

NT- Rhinoplasty Patient

I just want to thank you for such a wonderful job on my nose. I am very happy with the result. I am going to send you a picture that shows your perfect job. Thank you again and take care.

SA (Revision Rhinoplasty)

During my return from a mission in downtown Mosul, Iraq, we drove through a vehicle check-point. The cross-beam to stop vehicles was not up all the way and as we drove through it an Iraqi dropped it on us. I noticed it was too low and was about to damage our machine-gun. It was more a reflex but, I moved to save it from being damaged by the cross-beam, and as it slid over the barrel it hit the deflector shield bent back then slammed me in the face I crushed my nose and the bone/skull around it and knocked out my front tooth. I was medivac to the Mosul CSH where I was treated by an Oral surgeon.The end result was a deviated septum blocked and limited nasal airway, bent crooked nose, lacerations with some scaring and missing front tooth and chipped teeth. I flew back to the US for medical treatment. I have had Rhyno-plastic nasal surgery, which did not go as planned. The damages was so bad the ENT Specialist had difficulties and has apologies to me on the out come. He said the bones where so crushed and that there was almost no cartilage to work with that the 1-hour surgery took 4.5 hours and he could not do as we discussed. The end result of this surgery was disappointing and in some areas worst than the accident it self. My nose collapsed, I had still restricted airway, poor appearance, loss of smell and reoccurring infection inside my nose.. Back in California I met with three top and highly respected plastic surgeons. All 3 refused the job due too it was beyond there skill do to the re-working and re-surgery of the bones. I was about to give up when I was asked to talk to the VA surgeon. There I was treated with hope, respect and professionally by Dr. Karam and his staff. I agreed to his idea and system he wanted. And having a panel of other ENT and Plastic surgeons review my case made me feel even more secure and confident. The outcome was more than expected. It was exactly as Dr Karam described it would turn out. I have very little scaring, a straighter nose, no more infection and returned smell. Unless I tell people, most never know I had surgery.

Thanks Doc!!!!

SGT RJM (Secondary Rhinoplasty)

La Jolla Spa, MD is one of the nation’s leading medical spas, and Dr. Karam is the brilliance behind the spa’s facial surgery division. Dr. Karam is amazing and very rare — He is shaping the industry through his extensive research in the field, and via his incredible skills on the clinical side (very natural, very balanced results). In addition, he bestows “Ritz Carlton-esque” highly-personalized patient care. Another benefit: Dr. Karam ‘s pre-op preventative measures help reduce the length of downtime. (I had ZERO bruising and very slight swelling/discomfort.) I am both grateful and ecstatic to have found him!!! Afterall, one must age “gracefully”.

LT (Rhinoplasty)

Phenomenal Results

I was doubting having anything done about the neck that was traveling down my front and the wobbly chin. I didn’t want the pulled and frightening “Orange County” look that seems to be so rampant in this area. Dr. Karam took the time to explain the mini lower face lift that he could do to give me a refreshed , just had a great night’s sleep look. I couldn’t wait to have it done after my meeting with him and felt so confident in his hands. The man is an artist and works with such calmness and competency and great confidence. His staff is incredibly kind and patient and no question is too silly. They are beautiful inside and out. Post procedure follow up and care were flawless. And my results are better than I ever imagined they could be. Completely natural and perfect! I look ten years younger! On top of all of this Dr. Karam is more than just a little easy on the eyes! Thank you Dr. Karam!

Jan 7, 2010
Chin Implant and Closed Rhinoplasty – Best Experience
and Results I Could Have Ever Imagined

I got a chin implant and closed rhinoplasty in August 2009 for a receding chin and a bump on my nose. I had always felt very self conscious about it. I went to Dr. K after seeing many good reviews and results (photos). Everyone was helpful and genuinely friendly.

I must admit, right before surgery, I was scared out of my mind because well…I’m afraid of hospitals. Everything went smoothly and I went under anesthesia very relaxed (which probably means it is working :p. My recovery for my nose was absolutely painless. My chin did hurt for the first week because it just felt heavy and foreign, but after that, my recovery was pain free. I had pretty much no bruising at all when my bandages came off. It has been a little over 5 months, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was initially afraid of scarring, but it the scar is barely visible and keeps getting smoother and even less noticeable as time goes on. My chin looks very natural and looks like I should have been born with it. My nose turned out to look amazing and so natural too.

I have nothing but good things to say about my Dr. and his staff. I am so glad that I got this done!

Posted 28 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

My Facelift Has Taken Years off my Face in a Natural Way

I never thought I’d do it. The risk of anesthesia, the expense, the vanity of it all! But then, at 57, I saw myself in a photo with a friend my age and I looked like an old lady! I was shocked. How did that happen? I prided myself on my excellent exercise and diet regime. My skin had just aged from years of sun and life.

I interviewed four plastic surgeons before I decided. They had different ideas and different prices and different personalities. I decided on fat transfers, upper and lower eyelid surgeries, and a facelift. I did not go under general anesthesia, it took about three or four hours, and it did not hurt!

In less than a month I looked great. In less than six months there was no evidence of any surgery and I looked remarkably younger, healthier and all around improved. Nobody knows I did it except my friends. I look like I lost about ten years. People comment on how good I look, but it looks like I am well rested and happy, not pulled.

I found a wonderful doctor who is compassionate and honest, his wife (also a doctor) who works with him, who is kind, smart and caring, and a fantastic and competent staff who listen and respond to their patients. They are like a family business. I feel that they are always there for me and my family.

If you have been waiting to have a facelift but were too afraid, walk, drive or fly to the doctor I used and his wonderful team. They will give you a straight answer. You’ll be happy you did.

Posted 6 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Dear Dr. Karam,

Just wanted to put pen to paper and say a thousand ‘Thank you’s’ for the most wonderful, natural appearance you produced by your very skillful face lift. To say I am delighted would be an understatement.

No-one has noticed; they just think I look so well after a lovely holiday in California. It certainly paid by doing my homework and research; and I know without a doubt I could not have made a better choice. You are a real artist; with a gift of making your patients feel relaxed and assured; coupled with first class results. Also a real pleasure to have met all the lovely girls who work with you; takes away a lot of fear when you are greeted by warm, caring staff.

Thank you once again for all your kindness and understanding in easing my fears.

Kathy B. Facelift and Fat Transfer Patient from the United Kingdom

To Dr. Karam and Staff.

Enclosed you will find a couple of pictures of me, taken 9/5/09. I think I
look really good for a 79 year old man. Thanks to you, Your outstanding
ability, and the gift you have with your mind and hands. I believe I look
and feel about 20 or 30 years younger than I am.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert C- Facelift

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So pleased!

I never dreamed that I would have enough confidence in a doctor and staff where I could muster up the courage to have facial cosmetic surgery. I am middle aged and just recently had surgery by Dr. Karim. I feel I look 10 years younger but the best thing is that none of my friends and family can tell I had surgery. They believe I look fresher or that my haircut makes me look younger. Dr. Karim has a gift of keeping your natural look so the surgery can go undetected by most people. Dr. Karim and his staff were always extremely friendly and comforting while remaining very professional and competent. I really cannot recommend this surgeon and staff more.

Barb – Jan 5, 2010

Thank you for all you and your staff did four us Veteran’s. Me for sure, you did a wonderful job. I am so happy for you giving me a new face.

Jt face lift

Dr. Karam is an excellent surgeon and a kind and caring doctor. He is someone I would recommend to anyone!

Facelift Patient

When I decided to have cosmetic surgery to refine and improve the appearance of my jawline and neck, I chose Dr. Amir M. Karam. Why? I have known Dr. Karam for over 10 years. As a colleague I have had the opportunity to witness first hand his excellent surgical skills and dedication to obtaining the best results possible with every patient. I specifically did not want to look like I had undergone surgery. I didn’t want to change my appearance, only enhance it. The results are stunning. Dr. Karam performed a masterful improvement in my face and neck. My jaw and neckline appear elegantly sculpted with subtle recontouring that dramatically improves my facial profile.

A.J. Mirhadi, MD, Board Certified Radiation Oncologist,
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

It’s been two and a half weeks since my face lift, eyelid revision, and fat transfer. I am so pleased and happy with the results! I look years younger and have received many positive comments from friends and family.

AG- Facelift, Fat Transfer
Natural Looking Lower Facelift

I was not liking my aging process of a sagging neckline and wobbly chin. I did not want a facelift that is so rampant in the Orange County area of the pulled tight and frightened animal (or Barbie Doll) kind.

I was so happy with the Dr. I selected because I now look ten years younger and just have a refreshed appearance. I look like I sleep every night for eight hours!

This man is a knowledgeable, competent, calm and patient certified plastic surgeon with impressive credentials and experience. He has incredible bedside manner with post procedure care that is flawless. I could not be happier with my results!

Posted 7 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

I want to tell you how pleased I am with my facial surgery. As you know I came home to Colorado just 6 days after the surgery. I have had virtually no pain at all. I was a little worried to see my family. Incredibly, my husband and son thought that my face looked incredibly nice, the skin smooth, and no weird ‘plastic’ look to the eyes. I was amazed. The next day I came to work where everyone was very excited to see me! I was presentable but still a bit swollen. I worked all on Wed (day 7 after the surgery) – and stayed up until 2 am cooking the Thanksgiving dinner! We had 14 people for dinner and only those people that I told even noticed that I had surgery. On Saturday I told one hockey mom about my surgeries and she just can’t believe. I think I might have a new patient for you!

Thanks so much!

KM- Facelift, Fat Transfer, and Upper Blepharoplasty Patient

Thank you for all you and your staff you do. You did a wonderful job. I am so happy for giving me a new face.

JT (Face and Necklift)

There are no words to express how I feel everytime I look in the mirror. For the first time in my life I feel pretty. Thank you for all you have done. You have boosted my self esteem. You have blessed me in such a way, that I feel it only fair to bless you somehow. So please except this gift and enjoy it with your beautiful family. Thank you once again.

AG (Face/necklift, Rhinoplasty, Fat transfer)

Sculptra – Natural Look

My Dr. has very gentle hands with his injections.

I’ve had both Botox and Sculptra and I have never bruised or felt any pain. I love the natural look with the Sculptra, although it did take some time to start seeing the effects. My friends noticed before I did, of course.

He takes time to talk to you and doesn’t try to “sell” treatments. His results are natural looking refreshed looks.

Posted 8 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

NO ONE Comes Close to Guessing my Age

My forehead lift, plus some Botox and injectible fillers, makes me look at least twenty years younger…a big asset these days for a single gal in her early 60’s who is still dating! No one ever believes my chronological age.

There are no “cons”… only “pros” to looking in the mirror and seeing myself like I looked years ago! The doctor and staff are so thorough and supportive, they make it easy, before, during and after any procedures, to get the best results with minimal downtime.

Posted 9 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Dr. is a perfectionist who is very honest about what can and cannot be done… and what he recommends would look best for you personally. He is more than a doctor, he is an artist who takes meticulous care to achieve natural results. I will not go to any other facial surgeon even though I have moved to another state.

Updated 11 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Dr. K is the Best in the San Diego Area! – Carmel Valley, CA

dr. k is a wonderful doctor! he and his staff are professional, yet they are warm and care about my well being. i get botox and restylane from dr. k and i love his “less is more” approach. also, even though i only get botox and restylane at this point he always does them himself and makes me feel just as important as those that see him for more major and costly procedures. thank you carmel valley facial plastic surgery!

Posted 6 Jan 2011 on RealSelf.com

Botox Looked Natural and Worked Amazing!!

Staff was really professional and nice. Dr K was awesome! This was my first procedure of this kind, he explained the procedure to me step by step and made me feel comfortable.

It was pain free and worked great, just like he said it would. Excellent results, I will absolutely be back again and will refer others. Thank you!!

Posted 10 Mar 2010 on RealSelf.com

Juvederm Really Worked Well in my Smile Lines / Nasolabial Folds!

I had Juvederm injected into my “smile lines” or nasal-labial folds and it made a huge difference! I am 34 and I started noticing the lines more and more and decided that I think I’m too young to have that so, I did something about it!

Dr K did a fantastic job and I noticed a huge difference. They are almost completely filled in. Plus, Juvederm lasts a long time so, the price is worth it!

Posted 9 Feb 2010 on RealSelf.com

I Look Like I Visited a Time Machine After Juvederm

I wanted to look younger, but I wasn’t quite ready for plastic surgery. Because I didn’t have enough fat for a transfer to my face, the doctor recommended Juverderm and the results couldn’t be better.

Over the course of a few months, my face was transformed. Since the change was gradual, no one knew I’d had work done but I’ve had numerous comments about how much younger I’m looking these days. I will never trust my face to anyone else.

Posted 5 Feb 2010 on RealSelf.com

I’m 27 and I Still Get Carded Everywhere I Go!!!

My Dr. is amazing! His staff is friendly and informative. I was a little worried about getting this done…I was afraid it was going to hurt. Literally, I did not feel a thing! He simply has magic hands.

I was recently in a casino in Las Vegas and every time I stepped onto the casino floor I was carded (noone else in my group was!) I was feeling a little insecure about some forming wrinkles, now they are gone…and another plus is they will not be getting any more noticeable.

I would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a little bit of a freshener for their face!

Posted 8 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

On Saturday Dec 1 (16 days out from surgery) the museum where I work had a big fundraiser. I know most of the guests. I can’t tell you how positive the responses were! I didn’t tell anyone about my new look. A couple women were simply stunned by how great I looked, with one under-30 attendee and friend repeatedly saying: “Oh my god, Oh my god, you look so amazing.” Another woman my age in her 50s whom I hadn’t seen in awhile just kept saying, ‘you look so young’, over and over. I sometimes forget that this transformation is going on and that people will be surprised by how I look. The healing has been so painless, easy and just no problem at all.

Facial Rejuvenation- Patient

Thank you for the excellent service you provided to K and me. You are a master of your field. Both of us continue to receive compliments on our “Healthy Appearance.” Because your work is so natural looking no one knows we are beneficiaries of your skill and perfection. We also appreciate your wonderful bedside manner, follow up and great support staff. We were always made to feel comfortable and put at ease. Thanks again for a job well done.

Sk – Facial Rejuvenation Patients (Husband and Wife)

Dr. Karam,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that by 4pm I already looked and felt so much better. I had minimal swelling that only lasted a couple of hours,and by 6pm was able to attended a BBQ. I felt more confident than I have in a month to not wear reading glasses the whole party. Anyway just wanted to thank you again, you and your wife made me feel like I was completely taken care of and were both so kind, considerate and proffessional. I think I will keep you posted through next week I have a busy schedule and won’t be able to come in, but possibly the following week for follow up. Thus far everything looks like it’s supposed to. Thanks again!


Corrective Filler Patient

Eye Surgery & Fat Deposit Removal Helped Me
Look 10 Years Younger

Pros: The experience was very positive. Fat deposits were removed from my upper and lower eyelids.

Cons: Recovery time about a week however still able to work.
I had the procedure because my eyes were starting to droop and I did not like the feel of the heaviness of my upper eye lid. Also, my lower eye would be so puffy in the morning and feel like they were swollen. They felt horrible.

I am very happy that I had the procedure done. It was well done.

Posted 20 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

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My Eyes Have Never Looked This Alive

Slowly approaching 50 my eyes started to look tired and the upper lids had alittle to much skin, which interfeared with appling eye makeup.

I first had the lower done and was so pleased that I returned to have the upper lids done. I also had fat injected into my checks to get them a plump apperance. I absolutly love it. Even when I am tried you can’t tell it in my eyes.

Posted 11 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com
Wanted to Remove Droops and Bags – I Look Exactly How
I Wanted to

I wanted to remove the ‘droops’ above and the ‘bags’ below and my Dr spent time with me evaluating the right approach, both surgically and with fillers. The results are fabulous.

What I really appreciated was his empathy and understanding of what I wanted and how we could put a plan together that REALLY worked.

Posted 8 Jan 2010 on RealSelf.com

Exellent doctor – Excellent result – San Diego, CA

I had researched and consulted with five plastic surgeons in San diego for blepharoplasty and I found Dr. K the best surgeon to do my upper and lower eyelid surgery. He explained to me what needs to be done, and rightway I trusted Dr. K that my expectations will be achieved.

I showed him my photos when I was 30 years old, my eyes looked brilliant, tantalizing and beautiful. I am now 60 years old and everytime I looked at myself in the mirror with my droopy eyelids and dark eyebags it made me depressed. I looked tired and haggard all the time.

After my eye surgery my eyes looked brilliant, tantalizing and beautiful again like when I was in my 30’s! Dr. K can turn back the time, I am very happy with the result of my blepharoplasty!! I feel young again!
I will go back for a midlift and fat transfer! Dr. K’s staff is very professional, caring and makes you feel comfortable.

Thank you.

i have posted this review about Dr. K for all those who are skeptical in undergoing plastic surgery especially the -face. Dr K is excellent in facial plastic surgery and i honestly would like everybody know who reads my testimonial about Dr K that i am very happy with my upper and lower eye surgery!! the result is very natural and achieved the look of my eyes when i was in my 30’s.

Posted 26 May 2011 on RealSelf.com

Love my New Eyes – San Diego, CA

In my family we have eyelids that are very “heavy” looking. Over the years my friends and family always asked if I was “tired” as that is the way I looked. I am very much into fitness and I could change my body by fitness and nutriton, but I could not do anything about my eyelids.

I decided that I wanted my face to look like what I felt-very vibrant! After meeting with Dr. K and telling him that I wanted a natural look I felt very confident that he would do what I wanted. I could not be happier with the results.

Dr. K is fantastic! I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would highly recommend Dr. K as I feel he truely has an artistic talent for making people their very best.

Posted 1 May 2011 on RealSelf.com

Good thing I am not superstitious, because on Friday the 13th, I did the best thing I’ve done in many years – I went to Dr. Karam for surgical rejuvenation of my upper and lower eye lids (blepharoplasty). I am 45 years old, but have been thinking about doing this for many years because I could just see me eyelids falling down, lower and lower for every day. Looking at myself in the mirror in the mornings, seeing that old tired looking lady, made me sigh. It just wasn’t me. Not to mention the tension, tiredness, and headaches in my forehead that came from me always raising my eye brows, both too see better and look better.

You cannot imagine the immediate relief in my forehead by the very first day after the surgery! It was like a big heavy helmet had been lifted off my head! I must have been lifting up that forehead every minute of the day for the last 10 years! Suddenly no more “un-explained” head aches, no more heavy or tired feeling in my fore head. It was amazing!!

Since I did the upper eyelids, I also decided to let Dr. Karam rejuvenate the lower eye lids at the same time, both with blepharoplasty and also with his famous fat transfer to fill out the hollowness under the eyes that formed with age. I feel so good and I get so many compliments. I did get a lot of swelling and bruising after the surgery and stayed home from work for a week. There was still some swelling up to about two weeks after the surgery, but it got visibly better for every day. Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I all of sudden recognize my “old” me, and I feel so happy. It’s an incredible feeling!

There was no pain after the surgery what so ever. I only took one or two Tylenol the first two days, which was really only for some pain in the thigh from where Dr. Karam had taken some fat for the fat transfer! This surgery is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I did it under local anesthesia, with the help of an anti-anxiety medicine and Benadryl, administered to me at Dr. Karam’s office before the surgery. I can promise you – you will never regret it! Dr. Karam and his staff are the sweetest, kindest and most professional people you will ever meet at any clinic! You’re in very good hands! Good luck and enjoy your new “old” yourself!

Warm Family Like Atmosphere

I had the privilege of meeting Dr Karam and his staff approximately 6 months ago when I was looking for the best facial cosmetic surgeon in the San Diego area. I had been to a dermatologist before to have a keloid removed only to have it return several months later. I learned later, all the dermatologist did was the easiest, fastest, least expensive way for him, which was to shave the keloid and cauterize the area. Of course, the dermatologist never told me this would be only a temporary fix and would not only grow back again but grow even bigger then the last. I only began to look for a cosmetic surgeon after being told that the work should be done by a cosmetic surgeon since the surgery required more then shaving and would require stitching. I was able to get an immediate appointment with Dr. Karam. Upon arrival, I was greeted by his staff in a warm and friendly manner even offering me a beverage which I was totally taken by surprise compared to other doctors offices I have been in. But this just didn’t stop with me it was the way they treated all of their patients. It’s like having a big happy family. Dr. Karam spoke with me regarding the procedure. He has an excellent beside manner, and truly cares about what your concerns or fears are, and putting them all to rest before proceeding. I had the keloid removed and looking at the area no one would ever know I had surgery. I would have to say Dr. Karam is a master artist and even though I’m not old enough to be concerned about wrinkles, there is no question in my mind which cosmetic surgeon I will go back to in the future. If you want to experience a warm and family like atmosphere and at the same time have a very competent and professional doctor then I would highly recommend making an appointment and see for yourself.

InGen – Jan 5, 2010

What a gift to plastic surgeons

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Dr. Karam last year. I had heard so many wonderful things about him and looked forward to meeting him someday. Unfortunately it was sooner than I had expected. I was diagnosed with a Basal Cell Carcinoma on my shoulder and needed it removed immediately. My dermatologist insisted that a plastic surgeon remove it so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. I was able to get an appointment immediately, as Dr. Karam knew the timely manner in which my basal cell needed to be treated. I was definitely a bit scared but quickly got over that as soon as Dr. Karam spoke with me about my procedure. His bedside manners were outstanding and he truly cared about how I felt. I was able to have it removed quickly was no pain and today you can’t even tell anything was ever there. I would recommend Dr. Karam to everyone. He has a gift and I feel blessed to have been referred to him. Thank God for Dr. Karam.

Celeste? – Jan 4, 2010

You are now an icon in my life journey. How fortunate I feel to have found such a skilled and artistic surgeon, with the added bonus of your 1st class patient caring. It show that you are a “unique” man in the medical profession. Thank you for giving me a more youthful appearance.

DB (Facelift, Blepharoplasty)

Dr. Karam and his staff are the sweetest, kindest and most professional people you will ever meet at any clinic! You’re in very good hands! Good luck and enjoy your new “old” yourself!

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty and Fat Transfer Patient

Would you go to a podiatrist if your knee required surgery? My decision to select Dr. Karam was truly based on his specialization and technique of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. He is a leader in his industry, he has an impressive background, and he is widely published in the expertise of facial and reconstructive surgery. What spoke most loudly to me was his ability to consult with a realistic approach on how to achieve the best results for me. I believe Dr. Karam’s precision and expertise re-defines the term “rejuvenation.” No one wants “that look,” most of all, Dr. Karam. The recovery downtime and discomfort was minimal. His office staff is awesome sophisticated, professional and discrete. Dr. Karam applied his personal attention and availability both before and after my procedure, and ultimately my results were clearly none that draw stares, only smiles.”

Jen M – Facelift, Fat Transfer and Rhinoplasty

I am still getting sooo many compliments on my nose. I was just remembering you, because I went to go visit my mom and her neighbor who has known me since I was 11 told me how nice I look and how he was impressed that by just changing the nose has changed so much of my facial features. Thank You again so much! Take Care!

(B. Monroy Rhinoplasty).

Dr. Karam is an amazing facial plastic surgeon. I have known him as a friend and colleague for the past ten years, but only recently did I get the chance to directly observe his talent. My closest friend was looking for a surgeon to perform her rhinoplasty, and I recommended Dr. Karam. She wanted to look herself, only better, and that is exactly what she got. He listened to her desires and performed a meticulous surgery with unbelievable results. She still hasn’t stopped smiling. Since my friend’s surgery, I have referred numerous other friends and family members, including my own mother, for a variety of cosmetic procedures including face, neck, and brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty. They are all extremely pleased with their results and can’t believe what a genuinely friendly and down-to-earth person he is. I highly recommend Dr. Karam for any facial plastic surgery needs. He has that rare combination of technical skill, artistic ability, and compassion for his work that makes for an outstanding cosmetic surgeon.

Kelly E. Williams M.D. Internist Laguna Hills, Ca

From the moment I met Dr. Karam I knew that it was meant to be. I have dreamed of having a Rhinoplasty since I was a young girl. Every time I looked at a picture of myself I wished my nose was shorter and thinner. I liked the way I looked, but I always felt my nose was keeping me from loving my face.

Now I can honestly say I love my new nose! It didn’t change my look it only improved it in a subtle inconspicuous way. Dr. Karam spent time listening and discussing my aesthetic goals and together we decided on a surgical plan that would best meet my desires and expectations. The recovery was surprisingly easy, with little pain and no bruising. Overall the experience was wonderful, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks to Dr. Karam and his amazing techniques I finally have a nose that compliments the rest of my face, I couldn’t be happier!

LL- Rhinoplasty Patient

I met Dr. Karam when he was still at UC Irvine Medical Center, and now I’m his patient at La Jolla . My experience with him has been simply amazing. Being in the public eye (under harsh spot lights as well as close up and personal with people), natural looking results are of utmost importantance to me. Dr. Karam combines the incredible skills of a surgeon with his intuitive sense of beauty, understanding, and vision of the results, specifically personalized to the clients face?and individuality. But, with his pride in his work, coupled with the genuine concern about me as a client he has given me the most important thing I look for in a plastic surgeon: Trust! Lets face it – when you have someone working on your face, you better trust he will have your interest in heart. And I could not have found anybody better. Thank you Tom, for recommending him, and thank you, Dr. Karam for working on me.

Kurt Popp (Ballroom and Latin Dance coach and pro/am competitor)

I cannot quite put into words my appreciation to Dr. Karam. I had been considering rhinoplasty for years, but was hesitant about changing the look of my face. I quickly felt at ease after meeting with Dr. Karam, realizing that he was truly dedicated to reshaping my nose as naturally as possible. He was both professional and honest, surgery was quick and my recovery was amazing-my bruises were gone by the end of the first week. As for my results, I could not be happier. There is such a dramatic change in my profile, but many of the people in my life did not realize what I had done. I have heard the same comment over and over that my results seem so dramatic on one hand, but subtle on another; as it appears that I now have the nose I supposed to be born with. That is what sets Dr. Karam apart from other surgeons; he did not put any nose on my face, but worked with me to reshape my nose to create the best fit for me. Thank you so much Dr. Karam, the surgery has truly changed my life.

LN- Rhinoplasty Patient

Your call today was so unexpected and really nice – I know how busy you are, and appreciate you taking the time. I LOVE everything you’ve done! I certainly don’t mean to sound vain, but over the last few weeks I’m amazed at how wonderful everything looks! J Everyone (no joke) says I look wonderful yet they don’t know why (that’s the fun part). My husband is thrilled says I look 10 years younger (yeah!).

Julliete Ugartechea (eyelid rejuvenation, blepharoplasty and restylane)

Thank you Dr.Karam for giving me the best Botox experience. It was not stressful at all and the results are excellent. I wish you could see how great I look. I always have to go back for touch ups but I can tell this is perfect. I would trust you with any surgery or injectables to my face you are truly an artist and a pleasure to meet. I will come visit you next time I’m in San Diego.

LG (Botox)

Well it’s been well over 2 years since we have seen each other. i was just looking over my before and after photos. I think it is about time for me to have another peel… thank you for everything that you did for me. i have told those that are near and dear to me how much you have changed my life. I have so much confidence in myself in the last two and a half years. Thank you for giving me a chance to enjoy my life.

AG- facelift, rhinoplasty, chemical peel, fat transfer

The procedure was very convenient. I loved being awake during the process and not having to be “put out”. It made the recovery a lot easier. I had almost no bruising and the incisions have healed very nicely.

There are no words to express how I feel every time I look in the mirror, for the first time in my life I feel pretty. Thank you for all you have done. You have boosted my self esteem. You have blessed me in such a way, that I felt it only fair to bless you somehow, so please except this gift and enjoy it with your beautiful family. Thank you once again.


Rating:  5 stars
Where do I begin with my experience with Dr. Karam and his staff. Having a neck/facelift was not a hasty decision on my part. I had consultations with five other plastic surgeons in Houston, TX where I live, but was not comfortable making final decision with any of them. While in Coronado, CA, my friend said I should just consult with Dr. Karam. I did that. After meeting and discussing what I wanted, my feeling was I trusted this doctor. I was not wrong! I look just like ME, only refreshed, how I looked 10 years ago!! No one would know I had anything done because of Dr. Karam’s pride in his work, care for his patients and expertise. His staff is always available to answer any questions and walk you through the process. Dr. Karam makes sure he can be reached at all times, even giving the patients his cell number! I can’t say enough about my admiration for Dr. Karam and his wonderful work and manner. To me, he is the greatest doctor (artist), in every sense of the word.


Rating:  5 stars
Dr. Karam is artistic & a skilled facial specialist & surgeon who creates beautiful, natural results. He is warm, charming & cares about his clients satisfaction & excellent outcomes. The staff are always receptive, helpful and knowledgeable. Visits are organized and efficient. Thank you Dr. Karam and gracious staff for all of your excellent care.


Always happy!
I have been seeing Dr. Karam for several years now. Since he only specializes in faces he is an expert. I would trust him with any and all of the treatments he offers. He truly cares about how you look.


Rating:  5 stars
I have been a patient for many years and consistently find that Dr. Karam’s advice is 100% spot on. He has a unique gift for knowing exactly what is needed (and what is not). You will never leave this office looking “done”. Instead, his work is subtle and improves, but does not radically alter, the beauty of the particular patient. His staff is great and always working to provide great customer service.

Patient Review – May 6, 2017

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