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In today’s cosmetic landscape of personal transformation, you need a place you can trust and feel comfortable to achieve the results you desire. Dr. Amir Karam, has created this exact atmosphere at Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery. He provides a secure foundation of knowledge, experience and compassion that translates into exquisite, natural-looking results that cannot be rivaled.

Facial plastic surgeon in San Diego CA, Dr. Karam is amongst the best cosmetic surgeons San Diego has to offer. His painstaking focus on detail, his passion for the most advanced, innovative technologies of the anti-aging market, and his intrepid skill in the arena of facial plastic surgery have earned him a reputation for excellence that stretches from California all the way around the globe.

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This Is Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery

This Is Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery

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A symbiotic relationship between many features, the entire face relies upon balance. When even a small feature is unbalanced with the rest, it can create an undesirable effect. With very subtle corrections, Dr. Karam ensures a natural result.

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Our comprehensive skin care program is designed to restore aged skin and help reestablish that beautiful healthy glow. For our younger patients or those following our treatment program, we aim to preserve your vibrant look.

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When the brow droops and becomes creased and wrinkled, it can negatively affect our facial expression, causing some to view us as angry, depressed, tired or disgruntled. A low-hanging brow can also affect our vision. A brow lift solves these issues with elegance and grace.

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The eyes tell a story of our joys and struggles, and as we age, they can often show the most dramatic signs of advancing years. Dr. Karam provides strategic, revitalizing procedures for helping to eradicate crow’s feet, sagging, bags, dark circles and puffy lids.

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A nose that commands our immediate attention due to its size, shape or angle may significantly detract from our other more flattering features, such as the smile or the eyes. Rhinoplasty is a safe, popular procedure for creating balance and harmony in the face, while also improving structural breathing concerns.

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Full, sensual, luscious lips are one of the defining characteristics of a beautiful woman. Sadly, the lips tend to thin and wrinkle with the passing years, diminishing the smile. Lip augmentation can be performed surgically or non-surgically, and can beautifully enhance the entire lower face.

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Sagging, banding and the development of crepe-like skin in the neck are all dead giveaways as to a person’s age. With a neck lift, the profile is restored to a more youthful, radiant aesthetic. A neck lift is a wonderful complement to a facelift or blepharoplasty.

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Love Yourself. At any age.

Your skin is in the prime of its life. That’s why caring for your complexion with proper skincare products and prevention is so important. Dr. Karam can also work with you to help reverse innate skin flaws such as oily skin, dry skin, acne scarring and blemishes, and rosacea.

While the skin is still young and resilient, Dr. Karam works with you to help prevent aging before it happens by creating a customized skincare regimen for cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and protection from the elements.

As a woman’s skin ages, it loses volume as well as elasticity. Our definitive treatments with injectables can help reverse the most damaging signs of advancing years, and fortify the skin against wrinkles, fine lines, creases, folds and furrows.

Today’s 50-year old woman is on the go, professionally and socially. That’s why she needs skincare that can keep up with her active lifestyle. Dr. Karam can successfully formulate a plan for resolving oily, dry, uneven, blotched, damaged and acne-scarred skin.

While many women in their 60’s opt to undergo surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty, a facelift, a brow lift or rhinoplasty, strategic treatment with injectables can accomplish many of the same goals without the increased downtime and risk.

The skin grows very dry in your 70’s, so one should take care to avoid products that are too harsh or dehydrating. Exfoliation should also be kept to a minimum. Dr. Karam can help create a nourishing regimen suited to your needs.

The skin continues to require protection from the elements and from the sun, especially in our later years. Dermal fillers and injectables can help to smooth away deep wrinkles, folds and creases, while improving the skin’s tone and texture.


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“My devotion to my craft has allowed me to develop innovative ways of treating the aging face with the goal of creating a natural and fully-restored appearance. Not being distracted by other procedures allows me to focus on perfecting the limited procedures I perform. Every patient receives a unique, specialized and perfectly crafted procedure and result.”

- Amir Karam, MD

Amir Karam, MD

Dr. Karam is driven by the genuine desire to improve his patients’ lives through transformative procedures that are both cosmetically and functionally enhancing.

Facial plastic surgery requires a meticulous attention to detail and nuance, as the face is our calling card in the world and the site of first impressions. Dr. Karam has the expertise and the artistry to perform the most delicate of surgeries on the nose, eyes, ears, cheeks, neck and brow. In addition, he is a consummate authority on non-surgical facial rejuvenation, offering age-reversing treatments for men and women at every stage of life.

Ever passionate about giving back to the community, Dr. Karam is a volunteer at FACE to FACE, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence to recover their dignity and worth. He also works with veterans and local charities such as Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and Sharp HospiceCare.

pure renewal

Dr. Karam has created a signature anti-aging rejuvenation treatment that restores a luxurious, youthful glow to the complexion, replacing lost facial volume, and correcting facial sagging. The skin is tightened, toned and beautifully replenished with nutrients.

Dr. Karam's Unique Approach.

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Today’s non-surgical procedures provide striking changes in the complexion, dismantling years of environmental toxins and debris while combatting the deterioration and volume loss that accompanies the aging process.

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Dr. Karam’s outstanding results, elite skill set and caring demeanor draw clients from all across the United States and from every continent. We are dedicated to making the process stress-free and rewarding for all our out-of-town patients, providing assistance with accommodation, transportation, recovery, San Diego sightseeing and more.

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