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You won the lotto if you come here!

I searched for about 8 months and found Dr. Karam on YouTube. I was really impressed by his common sense approach to explaining the benefits of facial rejuvenation. During our online consult we determined I needed a Vertical Prevent/fat transfer/and lower blepharoplasty. I actually flew in from Europe where I had many other options. Yet, I chose Dr. Karam because his work speaks volumes, it’s excellent!! It passes the eye test every time. Also, his staff was superb and very kind. They cheered me on from start to finish! Dr. Karam is truly the real deal. He is phenomenally talented, kind and tremendously gifted. His work exceeded my expectations and I look 20 years younger. It took me 2.5 weeks to be ready for the public and no one can tell I had work done. The best part, my scars are nearly non-detectable! I sometimes forget where they are! Having a facial rejuvenation by Dr. Karam and investing in myself was one of the best things I have ever done!

It’s hard to find the words to express how happy I am with my results from the Vertical Restore procedure.

Dr Karam and his staff were amazing. They prepared me with complete and honest details about the procedure and helped me to have realistic expectations going in. There were no surprises and the results were even better than I could have hoped for (as was my recovery). I feel and look years younger, and I get compliments nearly every time I step out. I am so happy I found Dr Karam and his amazing staff. Thank you for the amazing results — and for the wonderful care you gave me!

Dr. Karam and his staff are THE BEST!

They were so thorough with explaining every aspect of the process before, during and after my visit to San Diego and I was thrilled with the level of care I received. Dr. Karam and his staff genuinely care about his patients and are always available for questions and to give guidance. I am 4 months out from my Vertical Restore and couldn't be happier with my results. Some people may balk at the cost but Dr. Karam's skills are worth every penny! If you're even considering facial plastic surgery, go see Dr. Karam!!!I also can't recommend enough Dr. Karam's Trifecta skincare line. I've been using it for over a year (well before my procedure) and wouldn't use anything else on my face and neck. It's 3 easy steps (plus Polish a few times a week, his enzymatic exfoliator) and it has done wonders for my skin AND Trifecta can be used on your eyes too. If you're looking to simplify your skincare, Trifecta is the solution.

Worth every penny - couldn't be more thrilled with my results

I am almost 6 months out from my vertical restore, lip lift and fat transfer with Dr. Karam and I couldn't be more thrilled with my results! Dr. Karam addressed all of my concerns by suggesting procedures that were right for me. I didn't even know a lip lift existed and I think that's one of the best parts of my results. I realized the importance of addressing the whole face and neck rather than trying to spot treat sagging that was happening everywhere. People ask me every day what I'm doing and they are blown away when I tell them I had a face lift. They can't tell because they can't see the scars, even when I point them out! Thank you Dr. Karam and your wonderful team for turning back the clock at least 15 years for me!

Dr Karim is one in a million.

He literally turned back the hands of time on me by at least 10 years. All of it went easier than I imagined. He has a low key but super informative staff, no pain afterwards and the best results ever. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t hesitate .. Dr Karim is the one you want. His skincare is also amazing as it is effective and has totally simplified my skincare routine. No more trying to figure out what I need. His skincare line has it all included. 5 stars from me.

Dr. Karam and his team were amazing from start to finish!

I am 5 months out from my vertical restore, lip lift and fat transfer, and I could not be happier with my results! Dr. Karam evaluated the concerns I had with aging and recommended the best procedures to address my whole aesthetic. I didn't even know a lip lift existed, but it's one of the best parts! People constantly ask me what I am doing, and say I look more refreshed, younger, etc. but they can't tell I had a facelift. The scars are barely visible, even when I point them out, and I always wear my hair up! Your face is not the place to save money - if you're going to get a facelift, Dr. Karam is your surgeon. He is specialized in this field and doesn't really do many other procedures. He has perfected the facelift! I look 15 years younger!

After 1yr of research, I can honestly say that choosing Dr. Karam as my surgeon was the best choice!

I’m so happy with the outcome and how much more youthful & refreshed I look. So natural! Dr. Karam is an artist. I would do it all over again. Thank you Dr. Karam and your amazing staff!

Natural Results; Little Downtime

Great experience with the staff and with Dr. Karam. I had a full face rejuvenation (vertical restore with fat transfer in face & lips) and a full eye rejuvenation (upper bleph & lower eyelid skin pinch with fat transfer), and a contour laser on May 20, 2021.They make the whole process very easy and I highly recommend going on the website and watching all of the videos there, as well as on the youtube channel, and following Dr. Karam on Instagram. He provides so much useful information that I had hardly any questions during my consultation.

Beautiful Results and Super Staff

Dr. Karam and his stellar staff treated me very well. I have a had a vertical restore, lower bleph, lip filler (natural), and botox with Dr.Karam. I am very, very happy w the results. my skin, my eyes, my neck look flawless.

One word to describe Dr.Karam is professionalism!

How welcomed he made me feel since day one when I was only looking for information, his bedside manners at time of surgery , his energy and his personality makes me feel so secured in every single visit before and after surgery. He always makes sure that all of my questions are answered , until this day and I am 4 1/2 months out I have no complaints, his work is ART , he is just AMAZING , and his hands are blessed ! Until this day I still follow and look at other doctors and there is no one day I have felt any doubts, I truly believe I chose the BEST Face surgeon and would do it again and again

Doctor Karam and his team are outstanding in every area.

From the first phone call I made to inquire about a Vertical Restore, every team member was professional, personable, genuine, prompt, and communicative. I have been in private business for more than 30 years. I understand how to build a team and I know a good team when I see one. Dr. Karam has succeeded on all fronts in creating an amazing team. I applaud his leadership. Embarking on this procedure can be daunting. Dr. Karam and his team made this journey very comfortable. I had the utmost confidence that I would receive amazing care and that the skills of Dr. Karam are the very best. Thank you, Dr. Karam. And thank you to your awesome team.

Dr. Amir Karam: Exceptional and Outstanding!

I was looking for an exceptionally meticulous, talented, artistic and compassionate facial plastic surgeon who had a keen eye for the aesthetics of the female face and was attentive to detail. Dr. Karam’s specialized Vertical Restore and fat transfer procedure caught my attention as being the most advanced surgical approach in restoring my youthful looking appearance in the most natural way. I was very confident in my decision and proceeded to schedule my surgery with Dr. Karam. Dr. Karam was very kind and patiently answered all my questions. He was very approachable, responsive, accessible, easy to talk to and I never felt rushed. He was attentive, completely present and explained everything thoroughly. No question was too small. He devoted his time to address all of my concerns and questions in a very honest, detailed and caring manner. Post-operatively, Dr. Karam and his team closely monitored my daily recovery. My post-op discomfort and bruising was minimal. This was due to Dr. Karam’s pre-operative pharmaceutical vitamin therapy protocol, post-op treatment plan, expertise and skill as a surgeon. I was a little worried about the appearance of the post-operative scars along my temple area because my hairline is thinning. However, the scars along my temple area are starting to fade and they are barely even noticeable now. The support that I received from Dr. Karam and his team, from my first contact with their office to my return trip back home, was outstanding and very supportive. I was supported and guided every step of the way. Dr. Karam's post-op team even went grocery shopping for me! I have no hesitancy in recommending Dr. Karam for his outstanding Vertical Restore surgical procedure. Thank you Dr. Karam!! You are the absolute best facial plastic surgeon with your advanced surgical techniques and wonderful kind and caring spirit.

Dr. Karam, San Diego - Fantastic Facelift Outcome

I had a Vertical Restore two months ago with Dr. Karam. Between the ages of 45-48, I developed significant nasolabial folds and the skin around my mouth sagged leaving two grooves / indented lines on both sides of my face. I felt I suddenly looked much older than I felt.The best recommendation for Dr. Karam and his team that I can give is that if I had seen a picture of myself post-surgery before surgery, I would have signed up immediately with him. The results are amazing. The nasolabial folds have disappeared, the mouth sagging has been reduced significantly, and my neck line is much cleaner. I don't look different in that I look like myself 10 years ago - i.e., there is no change to my face shape - but in terms of the nasolabial folds and sagging the difference is astounding from how I looked pre-surgery. In addition, Dr. Karam's team was excellent, especially during COVID when in-person contact was minimized. There was absolutely no hard selling from anyone, just a straightforward, easy to understand explanation of what Dr. Karam felt he could do for me. Dr. Karam's website provide lots of before/after pictures of this operation; significantly more than most providers' websites that I looked at. Post surgery, they managed COVID really well with a great balance of in-person visits coupled with FaceTime etc. calls. The nurse who helped perform the operation gave me her cell number and told me and my husband that we could call or text her anytime day or night; I called her twice and she was patient and extremely helpful. The team reached out most days following surgery because I had some pain issues due to swelling for a couple of weeks. I felt like I could contact them anytime. As others have noted, Dr. Karam might be more expensive than some providers but based on my outcome, his prices are well, well worth it. I cannot recommend Dr. Karam highly enough.

My surgery experience with Dr Karam and his team was excellent.

My surgery experience with Dr Karam and his team was excellent. I waited a year to have my surgery with him. He’s well worth the wait. I was hesitant to undergo surgery because of some of the results I’ve seen from less qualified surgeons who have not specialized in facial surgery only and who do a horizontal lift instead of Dr Karam’s vertical lift procedure. He and his team provided videos and support materials that answer questions both pre and post surgery (even a spreadsheet of significant events; who doesn’t love a spreadsheet!) and they are always available to answer questions and meet with you even over the weekend to ensure your easy progress in week 1 post surgery. It’s an almost painless procedure even undergoing multiple procedures at once. I’m so happy to have chosen Dr Karam and his team!

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my surgery with Dr. Karam.

7 months post op, I look completely natural and refreshed. The staff before, during and after my surgery was professional, compassionate and available. Dr. Karam is an amazing surgeon, there is no one else I would trust with my face.

I am 10 days following my vertical restore facial rejuvenation surgery.

I am so happy that I decided to embark on this journey with Dr. Karam and his team at Carmel Valley facial plastic surgery. I have been researching plastic surgeons for quite some time. Every consultation I had over the past three years did not end with my desire to move forward with my facelift. When I found Dr. Karam last year, I immediately felt a a sense of confidence and trust that I hadn’t felt with any other plastic surgeons I’d been to. As soon as I made the decision to move forward with Dr. Karam and scheduled my vertical restore procedure, his team immediately went into action in helping me prepare for my procedure. Dr. Karam‘s team have been so caring go above and beyond to prepare you for your procedure. Since I was coming from out of town my consultations were done virtually. Dr. Karam‘s team didn’t leave any unanswered questions or concerns. Stacy, my OR nurse even personally called me before she left work on the Friday before my procedure to check in with me and make sure I was 100% prepared for my surgery. She made me feel so confident that I was 100% prepared for my procedure. She gave me tips on what to wear and made me feel so sure that I was in the best hands with Dr. Karam and his team. I was ready for my journey to make me feel like my younger self again! I arrived the day before my surgery. As soon as I arrived at Dr. Karam’s medical building I was greeted by Dr. Karam’s team and immediately felt a sense of confidence that I had made the right choice and my experience would be a positive one! Dr. Karam and his team always answered all of my questions and made me feel so comfortable and prepared for my verticle restore procedure. My surgery results look absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how much younger I look! My jowels are gone and my turkey neck disappeared! Dr. Karam is a top notch plastic surgeon! He specializes in facial plastic surgery and wow does it show by his results! I did not experience any pain following my procedure. Dr Karam and his team were available if I needed to reach them 24 hours a day. I felt so cared for by all of Dr. Karam‘s team. Each day following my surgery, I had appointments to check my progress, remove stitches and I always felt comforted by his team at each appointment. They always shared my excitement at how great my results looked! They were so gentle when they removed my drains and stitches. All of the nurses and Dr. Karam’s team would come and check on me at each appointment and truly made me feel that they truly cared. From the preop phase to my post op care I trusted Dr. Karam and his team. They exceeded ALL of my expectations every step of the way! If you are considering a facelift, Dr. Karam and his team are the best of the best. I will post pics to share my progress soon! Thank you Tayshia, Stacy, Taylor and each and every one of you at CVFPS that made my surgery such a positive experience! Dr. Karam, thank you for making me feel like my younger self! You are truly a master in facial plastic surgery! Thank you! Denise Smith.

Dr. Amir Karam genuinely cares for his patients, a genius with outstanding quality of his work!

He is a skillful artist and have a positive demeanor all throughout. His team made sure the patient is comfortable and have everything you need possible. I cannot enough thank Dr Karam for making me look as young as I feel! Without any doubt, Dr Karam is highly recommended! A must try too is Trifecta, an all-in-one skincare system created by Dr Karam himself!

I had a full face rejuvenation with Dr. Karam and his team.

I turned 50 today. A little over one year ago, as a present to myself, I had a full face rejuvenation with Dr. Karam and his team. Based upon 18 months of research, I would only go to 4 facial plastic surgeons in the world, and Dr. Karam is one of them. I consider the work I had done as an investment in myself. I had a full face fat transfer, upper and lower blepharoplasty, deep plane neck lift and full face lift. I do not have movie star looks, but in my biased opinion I can easily pass for 38 years old.

Highly recommend Dr. Karam.

Still relatively new to this (2 weeks post-op), so I’ll come back with updates during the healing process, but my vertical restore experience with Dr. Karam and his team exceeded my expectations. Dr. Karam is simply an artist and his skill, talent, patient understanding and warm demeanor are like no other. Every single member of his team is amazing, from the wonderful nurses to the very helpful and always available admin staff. As mentioned, I had a vertical restore, plus upper and lower bleph and fat transfer in the under-eye area. I pretty much knew what to expect, having watched Dr. K’s YouTube channel for two years prior to my appointment. I highly recommend you to do this, as you’ll find all the answers you need before even posing the questions. Anyway, what I did not expect was the relatively low level of pain, a pleasant surprise. I took the prescribed painkiller only once, mostly because I assumed I had to. Not much bruising either, but the swelling was pretty bad, especially around the eyes and temples. Again, I kind of expected that, having seen other patients journey. Besides, I was assured by the wonderful Tashia that the swelling is quite normal and it’ll significantly go down after the first week. Which it did. Obviously, being on day 15 post-op, I still have swelling around the eye area, but I am hoping it’ll subside by the end of the first month. The scars are fine, healing well. Evidently, they’re still visible but I have long hair to cover them up and they’re easy to conceal with makeup. All in all, I have to say that I’m back at the office, doing presentations and zooms and so on, nobody who doesn’t know me well knows a thing. I am especially happy with my neck results, it looks really really well. Highly recommend Dr. Karam and I can’t wait to see the incremental changes that further healing will bring.

His signature vertical restore creates a natural, youthful look.

I did a lot of research before deciding on Dr Karam for my procedures. It was a big decision to make and a big investment but now I can say with complete honesty that it was the best decision and I have no regrets. I am so pleased with the outcome and how much more youthful I look. I look much more like how I always felt inside- younger, more vibrant- my face now matches my healthy and fit lifestyle. Dr Karam is so warm and caring- he listened to me and my concerns before the surgery. And his staff was really the icing on the cake- supportive, available by phone day or night and nurturing in their office care. I especially must thank and give my appreciation to Tina, Taisha, and Taylor who were my anchors in this new storm of initial day 1 after surgery and beyond while my body tried to adjust and start to heal from surgery. Tina even wanted photo updates after I had returned home and was so encouraging and positive and reassuring. I can’t thank everyone enough and have such immense gratitude. Big hugs to them all and especially to Dr. Karam’s expertise and artistry. His signature vertical restore creates a natural, youthful look. Since returning to my life no one has questioned “Did you have a facelift?” The outcome is unlike any other “facelift” I have seen- really I don’t even consider this a facelift- he is an artist, and our face is his canvas to create a work of art the world will gaze on and admire in our new found youthful beauty.

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