You’ve most likely considered different avenues for revitalizing your sprightly appearance, but maybe you were worried about the amount of downtime it would require, or even the effectiveness of seemingly outdated lasers and procedures.

Your reservations left you lacking that healthy glow you desire. But now your reservations -- along with your skin’s irregularities -- will fade almost effortlessly with Dr. Karam’s new, state-of-the-art Halo laser in San Diego treatments.

The Halo laser stands alone in the world of laser treatments. Upon receiving and using the Halo for the first time, Dr. Karam proclaimed, “I am honestly blown away by this treatment! This is probably the best treatment for skin rejuvenation I have ever seen.”

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Understanding Halo’s Advantages As A Hybrid Fractional Laser

In the past, laser procedures weren’t effective because their treatments were either too shallow or too deep. The Halo laser strikes straight to the source, eliminating years of skin damage swiftly and almost effortlessly. Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined effect that trumps nearly every other procedure. The advantages of Halo are seemingly limitless. No matter your qualm or worry, Halo can fix it. Brown discolorations from sun damage are wiped away, uneven skin tone becomes uniform, harsh aged texture fades to smoothness, fine lines and wrinkles disappear and that youthful glow flushes the cheeks once more. Halo even reduces pore size and count, a result you’ll be hard-pressed to find with other treatments.

Halo is completely customizable, meaning the treatment you receive was made for you alone. The customization of Halo allows the laser to target very specific areas and alleviate every pesky sign of aging. Halo is highly versatile, among many other laser treatments designed to revitalize your complexion.

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How Much Downtime Do I Need?

Your HALO laser treatment is a completely customized laser treatment with minimal downtime. Downtime time will be discussed with you in the office.

Your provider will discuss the settings and how deep the laser can penetrate for varied results. Downtime can vary based on how deep you and your provider choose for it to be. You will experience mild swelling from days 1- 2 following your treatment as well as micro-crusting on days 3-7.

During the healing process, it will be important to keep your skin very well hydrated and recommendations for facial serums will be provided by our staff to keep your skin well hydrated. Oxygenetix makeup which is sold in our office can be worn during the healing process.

What Should I Expect the Day of the Procedure?

You may experience mild to moderate discomfort during and/or following the Halo procedure. For this reason, topical lidocaine will be applied 45 minutes prior to treatment to numb the surface of the skin. Additional oral medication will be made available to those individuals who have a designated driver for maximum comfort if desired.

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What Should I Expect Following the Procedure?

A sunburn-like feeling is expected directly following the treatment and can be minimized by delicately applying a cool compress to the treated area. This burning sensation tends to dissipate within an hour or two following treatment.

Pinpoint bleeding may occur and is not uncommon or worrisome. Surface redness is expected and may increase in intensity through the third or fourth day following treatment.

Edema (swelling) is a side effect that may be minimized by keeping the treated area elevated/upright. In cases of extreme swelling, a steroid may be prescribed for a three-day treatment course.

Usually starting on days two and three, tiny bronze spots called MENDS (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris) will begin to surface on the skin. Itching and a sandpaper-like texture may accompany these spots.

It is very important NOT TO EXFOLIATE OR PICK AT these mends, as scarring or pigmentation complications may occur if the skin is not allowed to heal on its own.

Sunscreen is a requirement and should be used daily to avoid unwanted side effects. You may start using Oxygenetics mineral makeup immediately following the Halo procedure, and can safely continue your normal workout regimen 24 hours post-treatment.

When Should I Expect to See Results?

Although treatment goals and individual results may vary, most patients notice significant improvement within a week of their San Diego laser treatment. As collagen formation and healing increase with time, results continue to improve.

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How do I Maintain my Results?

After your Halo laser procedure at Dr. Karam’s San Diego practice, a barrier cream will be applied to the treated area to maintain moisture as new skin begins to form. This barrier cream must be reapplied liberally in the days following your Halo treatment to assist with healing.

A gentle cleanser, such as Cetaphil, should be used with lukewarm water twice daily beginning the morning after treatment.

It is very important that no exfoliation or forceful skin manipulation occurs during the healing period post-procedure. Sunscreen is a daily necessity following treatment. It is recommended that after the corrective phase of skincare the Halo treatment is repeated once or twice a year (depending on age and skincare goals) in order to maintain desired results. For collagen synthesis, the collaboration of the Forever Young/BBL and Halo have proven to achieve the most optimal results.


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