What is ProFractional?

Our profractional therapy in San Diego is used to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin by targeting thousands of pinpoint areas. Because only a fraction of the skin is directly treated with the laser, the surrounding untreated tissue promotes rapid healing. This skin’s wound healing response creates new collagen adding firmness and resilience to the skin. The procedure is performed in-office with limited downtime and is customized to your specific skin condition and goals.

What conditions can be treated with ProFractional?

  • Mild wrinkles
  • Acne Scars/Procedure Scars/Other Scars
  • Melasma
  • Crepey skin
  • Pigment irregularities
  • Mild skin laxity
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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Excellent results can be obtained in just one treatment; however, the number of San Diego profractional therapy treatments needed may vary from patient to patient. For scars, a minimum of three treatments is usually necessary and depending upon the severity, may require as many as seven. A personalized plan will be created for your specific needs and to give you the best overall results. This plan could include but is not limited to: multiple treatments, combination treatments, and/or treatments combined with products.

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What Should I Expect Upon Completion of the Profractional?

  • Mild pinpoint bleeding is the desired response and is very common with this procedure. This oozing may persist for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) are very common following this procedure. Erythema normally persists for 3-5 days depending upon the depth of the laser. Edema is typically a short-term response.
  • A feeling of tightness, warmth, and mild discomfort is also very common following this procedure. It is important to remember that everyone’s level of discomfort is different.
  • A protective barrier of Aquaphor or laser balm will be applied to the treated area(s) after the procedure and should be worn for the following 3 days.
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How Do I Take Care of My Skin Following the ProFractional?

  • The use of a cold compress or ice pack will help to relieve the swelling. To avoid further swelling, you may choose to sleep propped up on 2 – 3 pillows the first night after treatment.
  • A cold compresses or ice packs may also be used to provide comfort if the treated area is especially warm. This is typically only needed within the first 12 hours post-treatment.
  • Post-treatment discomfort may be relieved by oral pain relievers; i.e. Extra Strength Tylenol.
  • Please continue the prescribed antiviral as directed until the bottle is empty.
  • Please avoid strenuous exercise and sweating for 1 week after treatment or until the skin has fully healed.
  • Please avoid direct sun exposure until the skin has fully healed.
  • Cleanse the skin two times a day with plain, lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser; (i.e. Cetaphil) beginning the morning after the treatment. Use your hands to gently apply the cleanser and water and finish by patting dry with a soft cloth. Be careful not to rub the treated area and do not use any type of exfoliator until skin is fully healed (i.e. Clarisonic).
  • After cleansing your face, reapply the occlusive barrier, (i.e. Aquaphor) taking care to cover all treated areas. The occlusive barrier is needed to provide a protective barrier that will hold moisture into the skin and provide protection to the skin from pollutants in the air as the skin heals. The occlusive barrier is typically needed for 3 days post-treatment. Reapply the occlusive barrier as needed. Do not allow the treated area to dry out.
  • When showering, be sure to wash your hair behind you to avoid getting shampoo directly on the treated area.
  • Peeling and flaking generally occur within 24 hours post-treatment and should be allowed to come off naturally. DO NOT PICK, RUB, OR FORCE OFF ANY SKIN DURING THE HEALING PROCESS. THIS COULD RESULT IN SCARRING AND INFECTION! Gently washing the skin more frequently will help to promote the peeling process.
  • Once the skin has healed (no longer wearing the occlusive barrier), you may begin to wear mineral makeup that will allow the skin to breathe and continue healing. At this time, you should also begin wearing sunblock daily to prevent any hyper/hypopigmentation caused by direct and indirect sunlight.

How Long Will it Take to Recover?

Depending on the depth of treatment, most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work within 3 days. It is important to remember that not everyone heals at the same speed and it would not be unusual if the healing process were to take longer.

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When Should I Expect Results?

Depending on the depth of treatment, most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work within 3 days. It is important to remember that not everyone heals at the same speed and it would not be unusual if the healing process were to take longer.

  • As your skin heals in the days following your treatment, you may notice a general tightening effect. However, the true benefit of this procedure is the stimulation of collagen production that occurs during the 4 – 6 months following the treatment.
  • You may resume your normal skincare regimen typically 2 days after the required number of days of wearing the occlusive barrier.


There may be some degree of swelling immediately post-treatment, however, if you have excessive swelling or any of the following signs of infection, you should contact the office immediately. Signs of infection include:

  • Unusual drainage
  • Increased warmth at or around the treated area
  • Fever of 101.5 or greater


Patient response can vary after a profractional therapy in San Diego treatment. Erythema (redness) and possibly edema (swelling) are the desired responses along with mild pinpoint bleeding within a few minutes after the completion of the procedure. The degree of redness and length of healing time will increase with the depth of your peel and can vary from patient to patient.


Francine M.

"I had a vertical restore at age 65 with Dr Amir Karam. It has been a little over a year and I am delighted with the results. Some of my friends have not even noticed - I just look rested. Dr Karam will provide you with all the information and supplements that you need to make the procedure and the recovery time as comfortable as possible. I usually bruise very easily but with the supplements that were given to me prior to my procedure and afterwards, my bruises were gone within a week."

"I highly recommend Dr. Karam and would go back to him for anything I might want done in the future. I totally trust his approach and recommendations. You won't be disappointed!"

Kris R.

"I'm one month out from a Vertical Restore with Dr Karam. Dr Karam is an incredibly talented Surgeon. I can barely see my scars already. I also did a laser peel, within 8 days I was wearing makeup and admiring my new jawline and neck. I'm 65 this month and so happy I chose him. He is the best there is. His staff are fun, caring and kind. They made my entire experience so easy. I would not hesitate or even think about going anywhere else. Check out his Instagram account. He does all his content himself. Extremely informative, with many before and after photos. I decided on Dr Karam after researching his Instagram and had made my decision before we had even met."

Janice S.

"Dr Karam is a great surgeon, a true artist and a wonderful human being. He has done 2 procedures on me over the last 3 years. Both with excellent results. His fat transfer and his lip lift technique are extraordinary. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best."

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