We understand that the best results come from considering each patient’s unique needs while utilizing the latest and safest surgical and non-surgical techniques available.

Carmel Valley Plastic Surgery

Our Mission Statement

Dr. Karam's primary mission is to restore your confidence, beauty, and youthfulness by meeting your aesthetic goals. Your satisfaction, self–confidence, and enduring trust are his greatest measures of achievement and success and he strives to achieve the best results tailored to your needs, in the most natural-looking and safest way possible. 

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Our Commitment to You and Your Results

To ensure that we achieve these goals, we have established the following commitments to each of our patients:

  • Achieve the best aesthetic outcome while maintaining a natural look.
  • Tailor each surgical or non–surgical procedure to a given patient’s anatomy and desires.
  • Offer a variety of options that conform to our patients’ aesthetic wishes, envisioned budget, and time commitment to recovery.
  • Use the latest and most advanced techniques for proven and safe results.
  • Achieve the fastest and least painful recovery possible for every patient.
  • Make the entire experience as easy as possible for our patients by promoting communication while handling questions, problems, and concerns promptly.
  • Promote communication to enhance patient education about all options, so our patients can make the most intelligent possible decisions about their own care.
  • To extend the best possible care to our patients during every phase of their procedures, from preoperative consultations to the procedure itself, and any postoperative follow-through.

Developing Your Treatment Plan

There are so many new and different treatments available now that Dr. Karam is frequently able to delight his patients by informing them that their ultimate goals are more realistic than they may have imagined. Even more fascinating is that there are always different ways to perform each treatment. Given this great variety, Dr. Karam’s techniques have become as unique as the treatments he offers, and the right combination will produce stunning results. We use these four factors as a basis for choosing the right path for you:

  • Safety: Safety is always our first consideration, and we’ll evaluate which procedure offers the best possible results.
  • High Impact Procedures: We take pride in creating real change that meets the patient’s expectations.
  • Naturalistic Results: You will look fresher and younger but no one will know you’ve had work done.
  • Lasting Changes: Results that provide a lasting effect over time.

In the end? Our combination of education, communication, and unique treatments results in extremely rewarding results for you.

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Treatments for Facial Aging

Our patients come to us with a variety of cosmetic goals, and we’re adept at learning all there is to know about your considerations and concerns. Are you interested in looking more refreshed or less tired? Do you wish you truly looked younger? How much downtime can you afford? How willing are you to undergo surgery? Perhaps you would prefer a non-surgical treatment?

The beauty of today’s anti-aging treatments is both their wide variety and Dr. Karam’s ability to perform them in unique ways. Your choices are nearly infinite and now, more than ever, you can control your results based on your wants, needs, and budget. These days, there is literally something for everyone.

The key to anti-aging lies in picking the right treatment for you, as facial aging is a complex process. Spas and other non-surgical facilities often encourage repetitive, non-surgical treatments when surgical treatments would work better and perhaps even cost less in the long run. 

Conversely, some surgical centers encourage surgical treatments when a non-surgical alternative would just as effectively meet your needs. Dr. Karam takes a holistic approach and considers all available options. You have unique needs and aging issues, so you deserve a unique approach that’ll create your ideal results.

Your Personal Aesthetic Goals

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, then you probably already know what you like and don’t like about your nose. With Dr. Karam, your personal preferences form the first and most vital part of the surgical process. As such, your process will start with an in-person consultation which gives us the opportunity to learn everything we can about your personal goals, so we can craft a surgical plan whose outcome matches them as perfectly as possible.

Think of some people who are famous because of their noses. Would you want a nose just like them? Are they famous for their nose because it looks good? The answer to this question is always, “No.” When we think aspirationally, we think of those who are famous for their beauty, and rarely envision the specific details of a beautiful person’s nose. Rather, you simply remember them as looking exceptionally beautiful because their nose perfectly complements their face.

This is why proportion is so vital to your rhinoplasty results. When considering rhinoplasty in San Diego, your ideal outcome is a nose that is balanced and harmonious with the rest of your face, naturally and subtly enhancing your overall appearance. Dr. Karam will develop a unique surgical plan that’s been designed just for you and the proportions of your face, so you can look forward to results that were tailored to your goals.

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Correcting a Previous Rhinoplasty

Revising and correcting noses that have had previous surgery is often as challenging as it is rewarding.

This subspecialty of rhinoplasty surgery not only requires the ability to improve the look of a patient’s face, but also an intimate understanding of nasal functionality how to correct any present issues. 

If you have had rhinoplasty and are unhappy with it, you're likely feeling very emotional and also feel like your quality of life is been severely affected. Dr. Karam takes great pride in handling every revision rhinoplasty case personally. He understands both the emotional and physical trials involved in having multiple surgical operations.

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