Who doesn’t like more youthful, sensual, and beautiful lips?

Who doesn’t like more youthful, sensual, and beautiful lips?

A note from Dr. Karam:

One of the procedures that I have been most excited about lately is the lip lift. The lip lift is a procedure that addresses the overall lengthening of the upper lip, which can shorten either as a result of aging or in some cases genetics. This results in an upper lip that shows more white lip than red lip. Also, the teeth begin to become covered by the upper lip, resulting in less upper teeth showing.

People have mentioned over the years how they notice their upper lip getting longer with time. However, not until recently did the surgical techniques to correct this evolve to a point where the lip can be shortened with essentially no visible scar. This was the tipping point for me.
Over the last year we’ve become increasingly enthusiastic about this procedure and have been doing this on many of our facial rejuvenation patients at the time of surgery – as well as patients who had facelift surgery and didn’t have their lip elongation corrected at that time. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in the clinic, or with IV sedation in the operating room. The results are incredible.
A relatively simple procedure like this can have a major impact in the youthful look of the face, as well as its beauty.

Dr. Karam


Who is a candidate?

  1. Any patient who has a long upper lip.
  2. Those who have thin red lips or little red lip showing.
  3. Patients over the age of 50.
  4. Patients who have had facelifts but have not addressed their upper lip length at the time of their procedure.


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