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Travel and Hospitality

photo of a beachA large portion of our surgical patients fly in and have their procedures done with us. When it comes to the face, you have very little room for error, so finding a specialist you can trust to give you a natural look and do it in a very safe way is worth the travel.

We have a great program set up to make the entire experience easy for our patients who do not live in San Diego. We have two hotels within walking distance and an after-care team that helps with all post operative procedures needs in cases where people travel alone. Our pre-operative process is also dialed in to make the entire experience turn key and stress free.

The first step is the Consultation. Though it is ideal to have a personal face-to-face consultation with Dr. Karam, we realize that many of our out-of-town patients appreciate an opportunity to speak with Dr. Karam by phone and discuss their case and get more information prior to coming to San Diego, California. In order to facilitate this initial step, we have set up an internet-based consultation protocol.

Phone Consultation

photo of a beach While a phone consultation does not replace a one-on-one personal in-office consultation with the Dr. Karam, it is nevertheless an important and convenient first step. Here are the steps to initiating a phone consultation:

1) Email or call our office to set up a time for a virtual consultation. Alternatively, you can email us your preferred contact information, if you would like us to contact you.

2) Send digital photos (current photos of the front and each side of your face) by email.

3) An appointment will be set up with Dr. Karam at which time you can discuss your goals and expectations. During your phone consultation, Dr. Karam will review your medical history and photos, then listen to your concerns/expectations and make recommendations. He will advise you on the both the risks and benefits as well as answer any questions you might have.

Following your Consultation, Dr. Karam’s patient coordinator will put together a fee quote for you based on what you and Dr. Karam have discussed.

Scheduling: The next step in planning your procedure is to schedule a date. Given your availability and Dr. Karam’s schedule, a mutually convenient date will be confirmed.

Pre-operative Appointment: Once you have scheduled your procedure, we will arrange for you to have most of your pre-operative work done in your hometown. You will initiate this process with our Patient Care Coordinator approximately 2 weeks prior to the surgery date. She will review the aftercare instructions in detail and coordinate completion of your relevant medical studies and other pre-operative protocols.

Dr. Karam must, however, see you the day before your surgery for a pre-operative appointment in order to examine you, review your procedures, and take a complete set of photographs.

Your post-surgery recuperation must be coordinated in advance. You will be required to stay here in the San Diego area after surgery. The length of time required for you to stay here in San Diego will vary depending on the nature of your procedure. Dr. Karam, will discuss the length of stay required during the consultation.

The Final Step- Traveling to See Us


Dr. Karam, who is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology, offers services in San Diego County including San Diego, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo and La Jolla in Southern California.

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