Why Choose a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon?

Why Choose a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon?

If you are electing to have any surgery performed on your face, head, or neck, then choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance. A board-certified facial plastic surgeon has undergone rigorous training and has completed residencies in the highly specialized field of facial plastic surgery. This is considered the gold standard certification and represents a commitment to patient care and continued learning, along with integrity and honesty in professional practice.

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon has proven that they excel in the field of facial plastic surgery. Choosing a surgeon that you trust and feel comfortable with is of equal importance as recognizing their certification. When researching surgeons, choose to visit only those that are board-certified in the specific specialty you need.

The importance of board certification

When considering who you want to perform surgery on your face, especially plastic surgery, it is important to recognize the validity of this certification and what it represents. Many doctors are board-certified but may offer to perform procedures that lie outside of their certification area. By choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for facial plastic surgery, you are choosing a surgeon with years of experience and proven excellence when delivering results in that specialty.

The board-certification process

Board-certification takes years of training and the completion of a residency in your specialty, as well as being in practice for at least one year in order to apply for certification. The application requires other certified surgeons in your specialty to give references as well. Once everything that has been submitted has been verified, then certification may be granted. Some boards require examinations as well, and most require that the surgeon has to re-apply after a certain amount of time and show that they have been engaged in continuing learning.

Will I save money overall?

You will save both money and time by choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for your cosmetic or reconstructive facial surgery. By having your procedure performed by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon you are ensuring a smooth, practiced, and minimally invasive surgery. This means less recovery time, less risk of complications, and a significantly reduced likelihood of requiring revision surgery.

Dr. Karam takes pride in being able to understand his patient’s cosmetic goals so that the results they get are the ones that they had in mind. Getting on the same page and making sure that your surgeon truly understands your vision are integral to obtaining the results that meet those goals.

You can expect to save thousands by opting for the quality of service and care that comes from a board-certified surgeon. Most facial surgeries should only ever have to be performed once, and those results should have the longevity that you expect.

Uncompromising care and quality of results

Many people are often disappointed when they entrust their cosmetic goals to medical professionals that are not board-certified in the field of the procedure that they are offering. There is an uncompromising level of skill that comes with having a board-certified facial plastic surgeon perform your facial plastic surgery. Whether this is to correct nasal issues to enhance breathing, or to rejuvenate your face, these procedures are done best when performed by an acclaimed facial plastic surgeon who has undergone years of specialized and focused training.

The results speak for themselves when you choose a surgeon that has a very specific focus area and who is board-certified in that specialty. Dr. Karam is dedicated to his patient’s well-being and providing world-class service and care to those in his charge. His patients feel confident in placing their trust in his knowledge and experience.

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