So what does this all mean and what does this have to do with looking younger? The answer is as follows. Wrinkles around the eyes and forehead result from muscle activity.

As the muscle under the skin contracts, the skin folds into a crease. Try it.. raise your eyebrows. The lines running across your forehead are forming because you are using your forehead muscle to lift your eyebrows. When we are young, the skin bounces back as if nothing happened. As we age, the elasticity of the skin diminishes and after years of continuous muscle activity, the lines start to remain present even after you stop contracting the muscle (i.e. raising your eyebrows). This is the point when a dynamic (with movement) wrinkle moves into the realm of a static (is there even when you are not animating) wrinkle or crease. For BOTOX injections in California by facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Amir Karam contact us today at 858.252.6826.

There are different components that you can treat in the upper face.

  • The 11’s (glabella) are the vertical wrinkles between the eyes.
  • The crow's feet (laugh lines on the corners of the eyes)
  • The Forehead
  • The Eye Brows- An eyebrow lift is a more advanced treatment.

On average to effectively treat the entire upper face (Components 1-4) approximately 50 units of Botox is required.

Remember, Botox is not for everyone, but for those interested in the treatment of wrinkles of the upper face and prevention, it is the best treatment currently available.


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